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AV In-House Provider and Events Producer

Plataforma is a company with 24 years of experience in AV market, with focus in providing high tech solutions tailored to each of our clients.

Careful attention to details is of utmost importance and value, and it is a key factor when planning an event, from this reality we came into a diverse portfolio of solutions, AV market services and equipment rent for social and corporate events. We are backed up by an expert team highly qualified in events production, who will give put their entire efforts, knowledge, innovative ideas, and a creative touch to make your event as successful as expected.

As a part of our diverse scope we have also developed software tools for Hotel Industry as our specific target. They are valuable as well for Convention Centers, Clubs, Social and Corporate Events Venues. They are all provided with data security systems, as we have also been certified under the ISO 27001:2013 Standard. We hold the ISO 9001:2015 Standard Certification, which assure and guarantees to our clients the highest quality service and a continuous improvement system in all our activities.



We put at your disposal the advice of our work team, logistics and equipment rental for corporate events, congresses, assemblies, fairs, trade shows, business meetings, trainings, workshops, end-of-year parties and all kinds of celebrations.

AV Integration

AV Integration

Design of projects for the integration of spaces with audio and video systems, according to the parameters and objectives of the room or areas arranged in the project. This accompanied by an in-house technical and commercial team that supports the respective operation and logistics of the property.



Your dreams are our reason for being, that is why we want your celebrations to be unforgettable moments for you and your guests; for this reason we have a professional team ready to advise and integrate all the audiovisual equipment necessary for the success of your social events.


Plataforma is consolidated as a leader in the AV industry and event producer in Latin America, with a presence in 15 countries and 55 cities on the continent, becoming a strategic ally in the production of local and international events.

Communication and digital content


The rapid evolution of science has generated changes in communication processes, making technology work at the service of the design and innovation, through tools that break down traditional content schemes and geographic barriers.
diseño y la innovación, a través de herramientas que rompen los esquemas tradicionales de contenido y las barreras geográficas.

Audiovisual equipment


In the audiovisual production of an event, it is essential to choose the appropriate technological equipment to successfully develop it, in addition to having expert technicians for assembly and staging.

Design and entertainment


Art and technology are almost naturally associated with the notion of creativity and innovation. Perhaps the most important element when organizing an event! Where conceptualization and design play a fundamental role.


Advice on the choice of audiovisual equipment and production for the organization of social or corporate events in companies


We have a technical team specialized in audiovisual assembly and production, for the organization of events of all types and sizes.

Broad portfolio

The service portfolio has a range of options to choose the tools that best suit the event that is being organized.

Staff of allies

We have a portfolio of partners that allow us to offer our clients multiple options to have a single event organizer

International coverage

We have commercial and logistics personnel in 20 cities in Colombia and 34 cities internationally, which operate under the same service and quality scheme.

Quality and safety certification

We have ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 27001: 2013 Certification in all our processes, guaranteeing our clients a quality and safety service along with continuous improvement in all our activities.



Además de que han estado atentos a solicitudes de audiovisuales, siempre van un paso adelante frente a otros imprevistos en los eventos, lo cual nos ayuda bastante en la satisfacción final del cliente.

Currently, the team we have at home from Plataforma is very professional in carrying out their work. The technician demonstrates the knowledge of the equipment he handles, as well as the Hotel facilities. Whereas, the executive is always attentive to provide an effective service, and also demonstrates his knowledge of the management of audiovisual equipment.

It is very gratifying for me to congratulate Diana together with her team for the commitment, availability, excellent attitude and aptitude for everything related to the assembly of the closed circuit and the Platform screenings of such a great event that we had at Sonesta Guayaquil on Monday 29 of April. On behalf of all of us who make up this Great Sonesta family, our most sincere congratulations.


Our technician has an excellent disposition and concern for each client that for me is priceless since I don't have to worry about that kind of thing.

Congratulate them for the good service and quality since we had an electricity congress of the Ecuacier company of 2,000 people. Everything went wonderfully in coordination with the coordinator Julio César Solis and platform operations. The client was very grateful. Thank you very much

We are satisfied with their services and the support they provide us with customer requirements.


Descubre novedades de la industria audiovisual para la producción de eventos y el turismo de negocios. El mundo cambiante nos obliga a reinventarnos y permanecer al tanto de las tendencias que el mercado ofrece en el mundo de los eventos y los negocios.

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